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Pusat Bahasa

Pusat Bahasa is a language center within Sekolah Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia that has responsibilities to facilitate STIESIA students and staff in developing their English proficiency as well as to develop national and international relationships for academic and occupational needs.

STIESIA Language Center provides various facilities and services to support students and staff foreign language skills, such as:

  1. Language Laboratories
    There are two language laboratories (multimedia) with 40 seats and 50 seats. These are usually used for regulr classes of English laboratory, taken by accounting and management students who are in the third or fifth semester.

  2. Self-Access Language Leaarning Center (SALLC)
    There are audio visual and printed devices that are provided in SALLC for self-learning so that students and staff can build their English skills independently, such as:
    • 10 computers with multimedia functions
    • 10 tape players for listening practices
    • 2 TVs and VCD/DVD players
    • Hundreds of language books and folders (e.g.: English Grammaar/Pronounciation, English for Specific Purpose, Business English, TOEFL,TOEIC,IELTS, Mandarin)
    • Aa variety of dictionaries (Longman,Oxford,Cambridge,Webster,etc)
    • Hundreds of language learning CDs and cassettes
    • Various pictures for language learning supplements
    • 5 sets of round tables for speaking practices
    • LCD and other tools for presentation sessions

  3. Language Classes
    There are two small language rooms with 15 seats that are generally used for language course classes and for meeting rooms by the members of English Club.

  4. English Native Speakers
    Providing English native speakers is an effective technique to lead students and staff practicing oral communication by using English. There have been some activities conducted at STIESIA since 2009, such as:
    • Workshops for STIESIA lectures with a speaker from UNSW Australia in 2009
    • Cultural Exchange Program with AmericaanStudents that has done annually since 2010
    • Academic/ Generaal English courses for STIESIA lecturers and staff with English native instructors that have been done regularly since 2010 (PHK-1 program)
    • English Guest Speakers for STIESIA students that have been every Wednesday since February 2011 (PHK-1 program)

  5. Foreign Language Courses
    STIESIA Language Center offers a range of language courses, such as:
    • English Conversation
    • TOEFL Preparation
    • TOEIC Preparation
    • Mandarin / Japanese

  6. Translation Service
    We offer services for translating abstracts or articles from Indonesian to English or from English to Indonesiaan with affordable prices.

Contact us:
Pusat Bahasa (Language Center)
Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia
Gedung Diploma, Lt.4, STIESIA
Jl. Menur Pumpungan No.30
Surabaya 60118
East Java, Indonesia
Telp: +62 31 5947505 Ext. 500
Fax: +62 31 5932218
Facebook @Stiesia Language Center

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